The AXIS OF FOUR is very excited to return to our favorite East Bay Showcase venue, The Red Hat Sports Bar.  This show will feature SMASH (N. Villacorte)
playing more leads, and will also be the debut performance of "Through…Read more

Latest Show Coming Up!

Introducing Norman Villacorte on guitar and vocals.  Blue Sky Studio lost their lease, so Li'l Ricky will go to a different studio to finish the latest Axis Of Four recordings.  He had a great time recording with maestro Orestes Vilato…Read more

Back in the studio!

Thanks for coming out to the last show.  We need more fans to come out to hear the band.  Li'l Ricky was in Blue Sky Studios last week to lay down his guitar parts to "Amerika 2021"  He and Nick…Read more

Mardi Gras Update

An old BB warrior from New Orleans works at WWOZ, and he asked Li'l Ricky for a copy of "C'mon and Makeit Funky", a song he produced for the 2008 Mardi Gras Invitational.  He wanted to play the song over…Read more

October 30

We had two great shows over the past two weeks.  Here's a pic from our show at the Hotel Utah. We are looking forward to playing Neck Of The Woods with Evolution Eden and Desert Island Friend on SAT NOV…Read more

Axis of Four in October

We have a couple of great shows coming up this month: Oct 17 at The Stork Club in Oakland and Oct 22 at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco.  The band is gearing up and ready to introduce our newest…Read more

September 11


We are gearing up for three big shows in the next two months!
SAT OCT 17 @the Stork Club in Oakland
THUR OCT 22 @Hotel Utah in San Francisco
SAT NOV 7 @Neck Of The Woods in San… Read more

Why Does The Cream Rise To The Top?

Well, my teacher told me it was because the cream is less dense than the skim milk it floats upon. It seems we have an analogous situation with wealth in our society.
Like the cream in a milk bottle, so…Read more