In The Groove

Back in the day of shark-fin Cadillacs and gasoline for twenty-eight cents a gallon, music was recorded on vinyl discs. A needle connected to a cartridge would follow the continuous groove of the record and reproduce the sound. Perhaps this might be the origin of the expression, “in the groove”.

Whenever musicians use this term, it usually means the performance felt great. The rhythm was locked in and the melodies soared with passion. Being “in the groove” makes our favorite songs feel so good that we want to listen to them again and again.

Axis of Four righteously grooves through the different styles of music in our repertoire. Be it instrumental jazz, dance pop, blues, or our original “old school meets new school” rock, as an experienced band we know how and what to play to make the music feel right. Although many say it’s magic when a band is playing powerfully well together, there is an element of musical mechanics that can be defined, practiced, developed, and effectively put to use to help a group play “in the groove”.

Now, you may know that Chris and Rick are instructors with the Bradley School of Music in Lafayette. All of the instructors are dedicated to helping people learn to play and develop the skills to keep learning ad improving. This summer, the Bradley School of Music is offering three different ensemble classes starting the first week of July. The principle focus of these classes is to teach a group of musicians how to play together, how to be “in the groove”. This is a great opportunity for a couple of guitarists, a bass player, and a drummer to learn the “nuts and bolts” of playing in the pocket and sounding great together. And at the end of the instruction period, each group will perform at a special live showcase.

For more information check out the Bradley School website, or email Rick directly,

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