Pure Tone!

So, I'm taking a break from the crazy activities of music life, and kicking back with a brew and the cable remote.  What do I find but a cheeseball movie from 1967 called "Blast-Off Girls", a funky story about a corrupt music manager and the bands that he exploits.  Lot of 60's pop tunes and that's what got my attention.  These goofy bands are playing pre-CBS Fender Telecasters and Jaguars, mid-60's Rickenbackers and I think an ES-335 through these classic Fender tube amps.

Now the songs may be hokey, but they are catchy, and the guitar tones are beautiful - pure tone of a great guitar through a classic tube amp.!  Remember, great tone is the starting point of expressive playing.  Many times on stage, one gets to the point of "playing the tone", where you just play without thinking.  

That reminds me of a Hendrix bootleg where Jimi says he's playing the radio....just playing with sound and rhythm to create beautiful music for all the beautiful people in the world. As artists, what more can we aspire to?


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