Get a free download of our indie-pop version of the Garden of Eden story!


After more than two years of working at Santo Studio with Platinum Engineer D-Wiz, the AXIS OF FOUR is ready to release some material from their large catalog of master recordings. "AMERIKA 2021" is the first single due out by the end of January.  It is a Riff-Driven heavy rocker describing the the great social unrest in today's society, and yet, ends on a positive note, extolling Lincoln's wish that "this nation may not perish from the earth..." Below is a sample from the Final Mix.

The band cut the basic tracks for Rick's Pandemic Song, "Hold On". The tune is under production and will be in the pipeline ASAP.  "Hold On" is a power pop anthem with a very trippy and cool bridge that reflects on the tribulations of this modern plague, and looks forward to a new dawn of health and wellness, for both people and society.

And we want you all to enjoy a free download of "Brave New World", a solo version recorded in the early days of the Axis Of Four, and remastered by D-Wiz. This song is about an alternate version of the Garden of Eden story.

"Clique moi. çe soir!"

"Clique moi. çe soir!"